Heavy goods / commercial vehicles



The SZU GmbH draws up valuation or damage reports for heavy goods vehicles and commercial vehicles of whatever kind. The valuation of lease returns is also part of our core business.


Once SZU GmbH is commissioned, we determine the damage independently from a workshop and draw up a list of the repair costs with photographic documentation. In this context, we also identify and secure evidence.


Lease returns


The leasing of vehicles has gained strongly in importance over recent years. SZU GmbH quickly and safely determines the value of lease returns with an expert opinion.


Quick and direct help


Through our rapid work and direct communication with you, you save time and get a reliable basis for making the right decisions.






Transport damages


Unforeseen events such as transport accidents can happen at any time ...


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Machinery reports


To insure your plant, assess a damage event or buy or sell a machine ...


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